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— Climate Social Forumo


We are a group of people engaged in various experiences of climate and social activism and volunteering. (Laudato Si Association, EcoIstituto Valle del Ticino, Friday for Future, Agende Rosse, Legambiente, YOUnicef, YOUNGO observers..)
We believe in a socially and ecologically sustainable future in balance with the planet, our common home, and with all its inhabitants.

We believe that this future is possible.

At the basis of our act the is our “Chart of Values”.

What is the Climate Social Forum like?

Our Story

Following the announcement of the cancellation of the Twenty-sixth Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) scheduled for late 2020 in Glasgow; We felt the need to “join forces” to try to respond to the decision-making vacuum that the postponement of COP 26 created precisely at a time when a further collaborative effort would have been needed. Thus was born in March 2020 the Climate Social Forum project to respond to the very serious and unavoidable social and economic consequences induced by the dual challenge induced by the overlapping of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with the climate and environmental emergency.

What do we want? Our mission

The Climate Social Forum intends to present itself as a free universal assembly, inclusive and in the making. Given the emergency of the climate, social and environmental crisis, our goal is to create an “agorà”, an inclusive meeting and dialogue place available to local and international activists, citizens and authoritative international experts to illustrate and discuss proposals of concrete action capable of constructively stimulating national governments and ad acte local administrations with greater decision, courage (and imagination) in view of a socially and ecologically sustainable future for our House and for all its inhabitants.


The virtual agora will consist of a review of online events (web conferences, tables, virtual meetings) to encourage the exchange of ideas, proposals, achievements and virtuous experiences available to all to build together a sustainable, fair and supportive society and stimulate in this direction the institution. We want to create a space for dialogue between different realities that can generate consensus proposals to be advanced at a local, national and global level.

To do this we rely on some guiding principles for participation







We are driven by values

LISTENING, GENERATIVITY and SOLUTION, have been the keywords of the Climate Social Forum that summarize the foundational principles of the virtual space of discussion, fostered by Climate Social Forum