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Climate Social Forum 2023 – COP28 Position Paper

In this edition, the Climate Social Forum aims to delve into the root causes behind climate justice issues.
The forum aims to:

– Protect Climate (SDG 13)
– Promote Equality (SDG 8)
– Foster Climate Justice through the Climate Social Forum (CSF

2.1 Understanding Climate Justice:

Climate Justice is not just a term but a movement acknowledging that climate change can disproportionately affect socially, economically, and in terms of public health, the underprivileged populations.

2.2. Dimensions of Climate Justice:

1.  Distributional Justice:  Addressing the fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens.

2.  Procedural Justice:  Ensuring fair and inclusive decision-making processes in environmental policies.

3.  Recognitional Justice:  Acknowledging and respecting diverse perspectives and identities concerning environmental issues.

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