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“Alone we have problems, together we have solutions”

About us

We are a group of people engaged in different experiences of activism and volunteering for the climate and for social. (Association ……….)

We believe in a socially and ecologically sustainable future where our society will be in balance with our planet and with all its inhabitants.

We believe a better future is possible.

Our “Charter of Values” inspires our action.

Our history

After cancellation of COP 26 (the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 26th Conference of the Parties), we felt the need to “join forces” and address the decision-making void. Thus, in March 2020 we created the Climate Social Forum project with the aim to discuss the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic in a warming world, and propose solutions.

Our mission

The Climate Social Forum is a free and inclusive universal assembly. Our goal is to create an “agora” where activists, citizens, and experts can propose actions and stimulate national governments and local administrations to build an ecologically sustainable future.


The virtual agora will consist of online events (web conferences, virtual meetings, etc…) to encourage the exchange of ideas and proposals. We want to create a space for dialogue between different realities that can generate shared proposals to be developed at local, national and global level.

To do this we rely on some guiding principles for participation.